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Schoolmaster Horses for Lease

Why lease a schoolmaster horse in New Hampshire?

Lease the schoolmaster horse you love to ride to fill yourself with delight and passion!  At North Road Farm, Fremont New Hampshire with Jan Brubacher, you are fortunate to lease a schoolmaster horse: a professionally trained horse who will improve and advance your natural horsemanship and equitation skills.  Leasing a schoolmaster horse is an amazing confidence builder because you will develop new skillsets and the pleasure of a joyful horse in beautiful southern New Hampshire!  Read more about Choosing a schoolmaster.


A schoolmaster horse can be described as a horse that has a rich and sophisticated vocabulary or understanding of aid pressures. Generally a schoolmaster is a mature horse that is very receptive to a range of riding challenges.


Why Lease at North Road Farm?

When leasing at other stables, riders can be paired with lesser trained or barn sour horses lacking enthusiasm or sensitivity. Riders are confined to endless laps around the arena. Defensive riding is necessary to avoid collisions. Riding out of the arena is “scary” – the horse might bolt or run.  At North Road Farm, Jan owns, trains and competes all the horses so you will be accurately matched to the schoolmaster horse who best pairs with your current ability and desired potential.



What’s in a Schoolmaster Lease?

MORE RIDING!  A monthly schoolmaster lease includes weekly lessons or guided nature trail rides with pro trainer Jan Brubacher plus 3 weekly arena practice rides at $450 per month.  Your horse lease means more time to improve your riding skills; to groom and love your horse; to expand your knowledge and adventures – like beach rides or trail rides – with other well behaved horses.   Results?  Leasing a horse will make you a healthy, happy human.


Fremont New Hampshire is a great location to lease a horse

Students love leasing with the easy access, convenient location North Road Farm is to memorable horse riding experiences. The farm is just an 8 minute hack to the fabulous rail trail network for riding through open fields, trails and woodlands in Fremont NH. By leasing your horse, you go beyond the arena and explore the world.


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How does my horse lease work?

Here’s what your lease includes:

  • This is an on-farm lease agreement on a month to month basis.  Your lease horse lives here not somewhere else.
  • Lease payment of $450 due at the beginning of each month.  Option to lease for a year is also possible.
  • You, the leasee or riding student must be approved by Jan Brubacher with riding lessons.
  • Rider Release must be submitted online prior to beginning of the agreement.
  • You have priority use of your horse for lessons, practice and trail rides plus special horse events.
  • One weekly lesson with Jan Brubacher and three practice rides.
  • Use and care of horse’s halter, bridle and saddle and related tack.
  • Jumping of horse during lessons, if student is an able and safe rider.
  • Feed, board, veterinary, farrier and related care.
  • A substitute horse if your lease horse is unusable or unavailable.
  • Adult must be present if student is under 18 years of age.

What’s not included in my horse lease?

  • Transportation to and coaching at horse shows, pace, beach, trail rides.
  • Unused lessons and rides do not carry over to the next month or to another rider.
  • Lease is not transferrable to another person.
  • Other persons can not ride your horse without permission.
  • No jumping without supervision and/or permission.
  • Indoor arena use fee.
Horse Lease $450 month. Choose horse:

Jackie, Fendler, Chilli, Titanium


  • 15 hand, 3/4 Arabian and 1/4 Thoroughbred aged bay mare with 4 white socks.
  • Smart, versitile, brave, always loves to work.
  • True to her breeding, Jackie has stamina, endurance and beauty.
  • Jackie is very popular with students looking to advance their equitation skills.
  • Jackie loves to bond with her own person.


  • dressage
  • english
  • western
  • trail
  • jump: arena, show, cross country
  • pace rides
  • fox hunt


  • Intermediate to advanced rider who wants a keen mount ready to go.
  • Weight limit 150 lbs.
Please Sign Ride Release


  • 15.1 hand charming Oldenberg cross aged gelding.
  • Smart, comfortable, steady, on the lazy side.
  • Works happily in bitless bride and bareback.
  • Fendler knows he’s handsome and demands attention.


  • dressage
  • english
  • western
  • trail
  • jump: arena, cross country
  • pace rides


  • Skilled rider who can encourage Fendler forward.
  • Weight limit 180 lbs.
Please Sign Ride Release
Riding Horses for lease - Fremont NH Chilli 16.1 h, Belgian paint cross mare


  • 16.2 h Belgian TB Paint cross aged mare
  • Strong, forward comfortable, steady 
  • Always ready to work 
  • Loves the ocean water beach.  
  • Keen to go on trail or arena


  • english
  • western
  • trail
  • jump: arena, cross country
  • pace rides


  • Intermediate to advanced rider who can enjoy her power and enthusiam to go
  • Weight limit 200 lbs
Please Sign Ride Release


  • 14 h Welsh aged gelding
  • Strong, steady, reliable, sweet.
  • Works happily in bitless bride and bareback
  • Likes trail rides
  • Safe for beginners or rides who want to stay close to the ground


  • english
  • western
  • trail
  • bareback
  • ocean rides
  • lunge line 
  • driving


  • Beginner to intermediate riders
  • Children to small adults
  • Weight limit 150 lbs
Please Sign Ride Release
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