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Practice Ride

Practice rides are $40 each and completed in 45-90 minutes based on student’s groom and ride duration.  An additional $15 fee is required for use of indoor arena.


Practice rides are those special time where you put it all together one-on-one with your horse with no supervision or instruction.  (Minors must have an adult present.)  Once you have proven to Jan Brubacher you can handle and ride your horse safely and independently the world of riding opens up to accelerate learning and fitness.   Practice rides give you the time and space to settle down and connect with your horse first in the paddock, then the barn, the arena and finish.


To qualify for practice rides, you must self-sufficient to:


  1. Correct use of horse treat.  Halter your horse in paddock area.  Lead horse into barn to cross-ties.
  2. Groom, brush, pick horse’s feet.
  3. Select your saddle, girth, pad, bridle, neck strap, leg boots.  Correctly fit tack to horse and adjust stirrups.  Bridle horse.
  4. Lead your horse to arena and re-check girth before and after mounting.
  5. Know what you want to practice, details of practice and how to improve your skills.
  6. Know when to finish.  How to safely dismount and lead your horse back to barn.
  7. Release your horse to paddock and clean up your  grooming area.
  8. Remove, clean and store your equipment.


Practice Ride Rules


  • Must have approval from Jan Brubacher.
  • Rides are held in the outside arena or indoor arena.
  • No off-farm practice rides.
  • Rides must be scheduled in advance.
  • Payment is due at completion of ride or in advance.
  • Horse must be cleaned after use and returned to original location.
  • Only approved rider may ride horse.


Please Sign Ride Release
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