Imagine . . . then discover North Road Farm

Were you or your child born with the horse gene, an unexplained passion for horses?  Hi!  I’m Jan Brubacher proud owner, leader and instructor here at North Road Farm.

I was and still am crazy about equines.  🙂   Like you, I fantasized about  horses and begged for lessons.  I began riding early and haven’t stopped.  I joined 4-H and got a taste for showing and winning.  Now, 30 years I still take lessons and get my adrenaline high competing in the jumper ring.   I began life as an instructor in 2002 after a series of career and personal events.  I haven’t looked back for a moment and absolutely love teaching people how to ride our furry friends!


Peppermint Ponies 4-H Club I chartered in 2004 and lead a bunch of spirited 5-18 year olds.  Members grow-up and through their mounts.  It is a joy to watch horses contribute to their lives.

Do you want to learn how to care for and ride horses and ponies?  You may be interested in Horse Apprentice Volunteer program or riding lessons or both.  Either a beach or Trail Riding could be your choice.  A special event looking for pony rides?  Tight & tense? Consider yoga on horseback.   If you have the time and are not in a rush, you can spend quality moments here. 🙂

If you are just starting out looking around or know what you want, it would be my pleasure to help you in these areas: natural horsemanship, equitation, pleasure, problem training, showing, care and management.  Disciplines: in-hand, bareback, English, western, trail, jumping, driving.  I am also a trained therapeutic instructor and have experience with Autism, Developmental Delay, HDAD, Hospice and more.

You are invited to come and visit North Road Farm to meet the horses, ponies and me.  No charge.  No obligation.  We can chat about what you’d like to accomplish and share additional information.  Questions or to make an appointment, contact Jan call/text 603-303-1584.

Thanks for visiting my website!  You may be searching the web for yourself, family or friend; lucky holder of a gift certificate; referred from a source or on the email list.  I’m glad you found North Road Farm.  In a former life I was in charge of computer networks and worked with technology.  Now, I’m the webmaster here and make this site as user-friendly as possible.  Please send me your comments or feedback.  Enjoy the site!  Jan



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Contact Jan

WHAT CAN HORSES DO FOR YOU? Talk to me about your horse fascination and I'll help you, or a loved family member or friend make it a reality.  Contact me with questions, for more information, to make a reservation to ride, or to make an appointment to visit the farm. Go to the Store to order gift certificates, riding lessons, beach or trail rides, summer camp, 4-H club. We are easy to find, just a few minutes off Route 101 and Route 125, at the corner of Epping, Brentwood, Fremont NH. Treats! Don't forget to bring an apple, carrot or ginger snap to earn your horse's attention :-)