Imagine . . . then discover North Road Farm

Were you or your child born with the horse gene, an unexplained passion for horses?  Hi!  I’m Jan Brubacher proud owner, leader and instructor here at North Road Farm.


I was and still am crazy about equines.  🙂   Like you, I fantasized about  horses and begged for lessons.  I began riding early and haven’t stopped.  I joined 4-H and got a taste for showing and winning.  Now, 30 years I still take lessons and get my adrenaline high competing in the jumper ring or out in the field on my fox hunter.   I began life as an instructor in 2002 after a series of career and personal events.  I haven’t looked back for a moment and absolutely love teaching kids & adults how to enjoy our furry friends!

Year 2004, I had restored my barn, then North Road Farm and Peppermint Ponies 4-H Club went from fantasy to reality.  Today, I lead a dozen (usually more) spirited 5-18 year olds girls & boys deep into their fascination.  The 4-H motto is: Learn by Doing.  That’s all I cared about as a kid: Outside, hands-on action, not virtual screens, games or social media inside my room.   4-H is still much of my universe.  As far as I can see 4-H is better than anything else for young, active minds.  4-H members become best friends.  They grow-up and through their mounts along with all the kid-oriented activities of which they never tire.

Many of these bundles of energy also attend Summer Horse Day Camp.  If your child wants complete equine submersion, camp is a fun, educational and physical experience they’ll be asking for each year.  Wonderful friendships are bonded through unforgettable hands-on activities all about horses.

Do you want to learn how to care for and ride horses and ponies?  You may be interested in Horse Apprentice Volunteer program.  Earn work credits towards horse activities.

If you are a beginner or restarting rider read answers to common questions.  Consider starting with Two Hour Introduction to Riding if you are at all nervous, anxious, worried, recovering from a traumatic horse related incident or overcoming a disability.  Otherwise, if you are an independent rider, a single lesson, or book of lessons will be just fine.  There’s no rush or pressure, so you have plenty of time to get to know your horse or pony & equipment and feel confident.   If you’ve looking for the unforgettable special memory, a Low Tide Beach Ride or Nature Trail Ride will do the trick.  A family event or celebration? Take over the farm and have it here!  If you are not in a hurry, you, family and friends will have quality experiences here 🙂

I will help you in these instructional areas: natural horsemanship, English or western equitation, pleasure, trail, problem training, showing, care and management.  Disciplines: in-hand, bareback, English, western, trail, jumping, driving.

We also welcome students with disabilities such as Autism, Developmental Delay, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, social, hyper, attention deficit or anxiety disorder.  I am trained as a Therapeutic Therapy Riding Instructor along with the horses and ponies.

You are invited to come and visit North Road Farm to meet the horses, ponies and me.  No charge.  No obligation.  We’ll chat about what you’d like to accomplish and share background information.  Questions or to make an appointment, contact Jan call/text 603-303-1584. I look forward to meeting you!

Thanks for visiting my website!  You may be searching the web for yourself, family or friend; lucky holder of a gift certificate; referred from a source or on the email list.  I’m glad you found North Road Farm.  In a former life I was in charge of computer networks and worked Internet technologies.  Now, I’m the webmaster here and code to make this site as user-friendly as possible.  Please send me your comments or feedback. Enjoy the site!  Jan


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Local Points of Interest We are easy to find in Rockingham County NH near Exeter.  Just Google Maps 370 North Road, Fremont NH 03044, just a few minutes off Route 101, exit 7.  Or where North Road intersects with Route 125 in Brentwood, watch for North Road street signs.  For a larger view of Southern New Hampshire Well known places near North Road Farm: Tractor Supply Corp (one of my favorites), Phillips Exeter Academy, Sig Sauer, NE Dragway, Star Speedway, "Eppicenter" aka Epping where you will find Starbucks (another of my favorites),  Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, McDonalds, Marketbasket, Orange Leaf, 400 Pizza, Mexican restaurant, Kume, Orient Pearl, Wendy's, Beach Plum, Popovers, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Lowes, NH Liquor Store, Gregs & Janes Beer & Wine, O'NeBil Theaters,  NHDMV, Cornerstone Veterinary. About…