Imagine . . . North Road Farm

Imagine . . . then discover North Road Farm.  Were you or your child born with the “horse gene”, an unexplained passion for horses?  Hi! I’m Jan Brubacher, proud owner, instructor, competitor and webmaster at North Road Farm since 2004.


I was and still am crazy about equines 🙂  As a kid, I read constantly and drew pictures of horses.  We rode fantasy horses jumping flower beds and garden hedges while cantering on the lawn.


At eight years old, I got my first riding lesson.  Gee, I had a lot to learn!  I saved $200 babysitting money and bought my first real live horse.  Years and horses later, I still delight in learning new equestrian skills – and winning in competitions 🙂


In 2002, after a series of career and personal events, I began life as a horseback riding instructor.  Now, over a decade later, North Road Farm thrives with a stable of  schoolmaster horses & ponies and dedicated riding students who keep returning and referring their friends and family.  We all love treks on the rail-trail network; jumping cross country over conservation land; shredding the surf on Hampton or Crane beaches and adventure rides to new destinations.


At North Road Farm we specialize in teaching humans: you or your loved one(s) how to ride nice happy horses.  That’s it.  No boarding horses, no buying or selling horses, no rehabilitation or rescues projects.


We are a no pressure, low stress, drama-free stable.  Learn how to be a safe, humane rider and partner with your horse.  Learn how to walk, trot, canter, gallop – even jump!  We’ll make your horse fantasy a reality.


So, if you’re ready to get in the saddle to ease your mind, tone your body and connect your soul through these magnificent creatures, don’t hesitate, come and join us!



Love, Jan & the Horses

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