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North Road Farm, horse riding school, Fremont NH

Crane Beach

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Safe Riding Horses for Lease, Fremont NH

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CLICK HERE to Ride Hampton Beach, Hampton NH.

Ride Crane Beach, Ipswich MA

Oct 1 – March 31, yes we can ride horses on Crane Beach. April 1 – Sept. 31, no horses on Crane Beach.

Oct, Nov, March, April are the best months to ride Crane Beach.


Jan will be your mounted guide as you ride for 90 minutes on experienced beach horses at the walk, trot, canter depending on your skill and safety level. You may need to take a pre-beach ride lesson if you are a new, beginner or novice rider.  Up to four riders can participate.


Your adventure runs approximately 4 hours from North Road Farm, Fremont NH to Crane Beach, Ipswich MA.  At the end of your beach ride, depart to your next destination.  You do not have to return to North Road Farm.
What day can I ride Crane Beach?  Go the North Road Farm Calendar to see dates and times available for your beach ride.  Make a note of dates that work for you and let us know when you request your beach ride.  We will match you with the next dates and time.
If the weather is questionable, we communicate to you within 48 hours to either cancel or proceed.  Rescheduling your beach ride is the best option as we do not refund a cancelled beach ride.


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Crane Beach Ride
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