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North Road Farm horse riding school, Fremont NH

Crane Beach

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Safe Riding Horses for Lease, Fremont NH

Gift Certificates Ride Crane Beach
CLICK HERE to Ride Hampton Beach, Hampton NH.

Ride Crane Beach, Ipswich MA


October 1st – April 30th YES   |    May 1 – September 30 NO

Jan will be your mounted guide as you ride for 90 minutes on experienced beach horses.  Our horse speed is a walk, trot or canter depending on your skill and safety level. Up to four mounted riders can participate.

You adventure runs about 6 hours round trip from North Road Farm, Fremont to Crane Beach, Ipswich MA.  We trailer the horses to beach.  At completion, you can carry on to other destinations like nearby Castle Hill.

What day can I ride? Make a note of your preferred dates in the comments section of order form.

Nasty weather is extreme high winds, drenching rain storms, freezing temperatures.  We will reach out to you within 48 hours to determine your level of comfort with the weather.  Rarely will we cancel the day of the ride. 

How do I reschedule?  Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel and reschedule to another date. 

Pay in full to hold your date, NO REFUNDS.


*Please note the maximum rider weight is 210 lbs

Please Sign Ride Release
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