Jan & JaFar 2016 Year End Champions

2016 Open Jumper Reserve Champion Jan Brubacher & JaFar.  Becca MacWilliams, our coach. Thank you, Becca!

*It’s All About You – Centered Philosophy*

What do you want to get out of your ride, today?
Who would you like to ride, a new horse or your favorite?
What do you want to learn or try?
Where would you like to go – for a trail or ring ride?
What do want to work on from your last lesson?
How did you feel after your last lesson?
Is there anything you don’t want to do?

All are typical questions I will ask you to make sure we are covering and not overlooking of importance.

NHHJA Summer Festival 2015

NHHJA Summer Festival 2015 Many thanks to Chancellor and JaFar for their excellent efforts 🙂

2015 Year End Awards

2015 Year End Open Jumper 3rd and 5th with JaFar

Time and time again I have the gift of wee 4, 5, 6 year olds who are pestering parents for access to a real pony at such a tender age. And then, a delightful 70 year old will sign-up for lessons to prepare herself for a trip in Mongolia on horseback with her 34 year old son.

Jan and JaFar win another jumper class!

Jan and JaFar win another jumper class! Always a good day 🙂  My approach is safety first, fun second! Everybody loves to be around horses so the enthusiasm is catchy. You will learn the basics rules about how to work safely around these 1000 lb. beasts and walk away in one piece to ride again with confidence.

Chancellor, Jan, JaFar with ribbons won

JaFar takes 1st and Chancellor takes 2nd. That puts a smile on my face every time 🙂

Since 2004 I am able to offer you and your family the world of horses. Riding makes such an impact on people’s spiritual and physical lives. Whether you are a youth making the initial connection; a teenager with a disability competing at Special Olympics; or an adult wanting a refreshing break from stress to reconnect through horses.

Chancellor Training 3 Day GMHA

Chancellor places 8th in his first Training 3 Day Event at GMHA. Sarah Jean is our groom. Thank you Sarah Jean!

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