Thank you, Jan.
I completed the card online. We are pleased that we can give Riley something she loves. All the better that it’s a healthy activity that she might enjoy her entire life. My son sent this pic of Riley at her lesson last week. I think her smile says it all!  I’ll watch for the gift certificate in email, as you did last time.

Thanks, again. Penny

Hi Jan,
Always so good seeing you. Whenever Leah and I walk up your driveway it is like a huge weight is lifted and we exhale…glad to be at your barn with you. Thank you for yesterday. It was a great opportunity to wipe off some cobwebs for Leah. I have sent Leah’s dear friend, Grace your website. Grace, like Leah, loves to get dirty and help animals. I have told her mom, Cathy about your volunteer program and hoping as soon as softball ends Saturday mornings in a few weeks, I can bring the girls to help out. Do you have volunteer hours any afternoons or is it just Sat and Sun mornings? I have one anxious little girl ready to start “scooping the pooping”.


You were SO patient and informative! Thank you so much for making it such a educational and enjoyable time. You obviously love what you do… and love your horses. Wish you were closer by…


Hi Jan,
As you know there are many places around here that give riding lessons, however, after much research Olivia and I both feel that the best place for her is with you. She truly misses you and the horses so much! I had not realized how attached she had become in such a short time. She recently was riding on another horse and I saw none of the same enthusiasm as I did when she was with you (I am sure you remember how inquisitive she was)! I asked her if she was happy and she flat out said NO, she missed you and that is where she wanted to be. I knew that before she even told me, I could see it in her spirit. I told her that I would contact you and see if we would be able to work something out that would fit into our schedules. A 5:45 class would still be tight for me but I will find a way to make it work. I appreciate your patience with us and want you to know that in the short time Olivia was there you managed to have quite an affect on her. Fondly,


Hi Jan,
I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful extra birthday surprise for Olivia last week. She will remember that ride for many years I am certain. It is special moments like that that truly make the difference in the life of a child!


I want to truly thank you for all that you have done, to make my journey with you and chancellor an Unbelievable Experience. I know that I am doing what you are teaching me to do, but your friendship and thoroughness is something I truly respect and admire.


Hi Jan:
I’m delighted to hear from you. The experience was so great that I haven’t stopped thinking about it since Saturday and can’t wait to have another lesson. You were so careful to build my confidence, that I really felt like I had accomplished a lot Saturday. Another good part – I wasn’t the least bit sore though I had expected to be.


Hi Jan,
I had such a wonderful experience today. I am so grateful to the universe for bringing me to you, and I look forward to our work going forward. Sincerely,


Thanks Jan. That was a great lesson. I like the idea of working part of the time on the lunge (to gain strength and balance) and part of the time trotting and riding figures by myself to work on getting soft hands/arms etc and coordinating with body position. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be in next but I am sure to be back. When I have my next lesson, let’s keep working like we did yesterday.


Thank you for all of your leadership, mentoring and kind words. They mean so much. I really appreciate you giving me such a deep discount on the lessons. This has been a terrific journey and I am very glad that I found North Road Farm. Without a doubt my time working with you and the horses has made me perform significantly better in all aspects of life; husband, father, employee, critical thinking, living in the moment, and personal grounding. Who would have ever thought that someone could gain so much to enhance life from only a few hours a week.
Also, thank you for shooting the video. It will surely assist in my growth. I can’t wait to share with my family. My father will be so impressed that I have only been doing this for a short period of time. Graham is also incredible. I was much calmer around him this past session. I felt that we were feeding off of each others positive energy. I really think that your work with him and his acceptance allowed me to enter into the session and quickly begin my return to our earlier relationship. See you Saturday.
In closing please do not hesitate to call on me if I can ever be of assistance to you and Rich in any way.