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Horseback Experiences

Horseback experiences for independent riders skilled to navigate cross country in open fields at speed or pilot your horse around a course.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Your safety and our horse’s humane treatment is the top priority.  No exceptions!  To participate, riders must be:

  • Current North Road Farm students
  • Approved by Jan Brubacher
  • Qualified to ride
  • Prepared to ride
  • Have proper equipment and attire
  • Able to pay a horse rental fee and entry fee

A Hunter Pace is hosted by one of the New England Fox Hunt clubs on their territory during select weekends in the spring, summer, and fall.  Jan Brubacher is your guide and coach.




Entering as a team with a coordinated look, we ride to an estimated fox hunting pace following a marked course with natural obstacle jumps like logs.  Prizes are awarded to teams finishing closest to the optimum time.


A Hunter Pace is fun, low key way to experience a competitive environment with your horse pals.

A Fox Hunt (where no foxes are killed) is a club meet hosted by one of the New England Fox Hunt clubs on their territory.  The formal traditions of hunt protocals are followed.  Jan Brubacher is your guide and coach.




Fox Hunts are seasonal meets scheduled in the spring and fall.  An invitation by the hunt secretary is required as we are guests of the hunt.


The hunt offers different levels of thrills depending on if you wish to jump fences at speed with the Masters of Hunt and hounds, pick and choose fences with the second field or  stay on the flat with the Hilltopppers.

A horseback riding competition tests the partnership skills you are able to perform at home with your horse in the show arena or out in the field.



Proper riding attire and presentation of horse is required plus the ability to memorize and excute the show course under pressure is necessary.  Jan Brubacher is your guide and coach.


A variety of horse show venues are offered in the spring, summer and fall depending on the rider’s discpline.

Horseback Experiences for All Ages

Are you:

  • A thrill seeker?
  • An adrenaline junkie?
  • A competitve rider?
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