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North Road Farm, horse riding school, Fremont NH

Nature Trail Ride Experience

Climb into the saddle and enjoy your private Nature Trail Ride.  Jan Brubacher is your mounted guide along with her stable of trustworthy horses. Learn about Historic Fremont, settled in 1720 as you amble down country roads, passing the historic cemetery, through a working farm on to the fabulousRockingham Rail-Trail network. ExploreSpruce Swamp, a gem of deep woods, streams and ponds filled with flora & fauna forever protected on 1,704 acres of conservation land. Your trail ride is a wonderful experience as your horse walks calmly along green pastures with cows and chickens, past the historic cemetery and over streams of water through the cool forest and bright sunshine. Ride off the farm and return home with stories to share. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

What’s Important to Know

YOU WILL RIDE INDEPENDENTLY – IN CHARGE OF YOUR HORSE!   YOU WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING horse-head-to-horse-tail dude ranch style as a clueless passenger. North Road Farm is a RIDING SCHOOL where folks come to learn to be riders – not mindless hacks. If you are a humane, skilled and fit rider, we may urge the horses to go faster at the trot, canter – even hand gallop! Our goal is to bring you back in the saddle – safely, exhilarated with a big grin your face, not terrorized or traumatized.

You will have extra time, in addition to your trail ride, to groom, connect and tack-up your horse. For many riders, this is a special time to just be with your horse to discharge your tension, unwind your mind and shift to a horse mind-set. We are always here to assist you with any need or question.

Pre-Trail Ride Lesson

All new, beginning or re-starting riders must take a pre-trail lesson first before hitting the traAt the end of your lesson, you will be an independent rider ready to ride the trail! Sound good? Well, yes because your trail ride will depart immediately after your lesson.
Here are equitation skills you will learn:

  1. Mount/dismount horse.
  2. Sit balanced in the saddle on your seat and pelvic bones. Did you know that right-handed riders sit heavy to the right?
  3. How to use your legs, seat, hands and voice to cue your horse. Yes, there are quality cues the horse wants beyond the use of your right hand.
  4. Cue your horse to go forward, turn left, turn right and stop.
  5. Sit and stand in the stirrups at walk and trot. Standing in the stirrups is great exercise and a wonderful way to learn how to trot with comfort.
  6. Execute a hand-over-hand emergency turn to stop your horse from eating grass πŸ™‚There is nothing more frustrating that being helpless while your horse ignores your random commands.

How to Reserve?

  1. Reservation Required
  2. Completion of Rider Release – see below
  3. 50% deposit to reserve, balance due on ride day. Payment in full prior to ride is also just fine πŸ™‚
  4. Choose English or western gear adjusted to fit you.  Helmets are included or wear your own safety helmet.  Wear long pants and shoes/boots with heels.   NO shorts or sneakers.
  5. A Lead Walker is highly recommend provide dedicated, one-on-one assistance to the young, new or nervous rider.

What Type of Trail Ride?

  • The Local Loop: 45-60 minute tour great for new, beginning, restarting riders or riders.
  • Extended Trail Loop: 120 minute tour
  • Lead walker option
  • Please Sign Ride Release
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