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North Road Farm horse riding school, Fremont NH

Assistant Handler

The Assistant Handler is dedicated to keep you safe and happy!  Are you:

  • First time riding a horse?
  • Anxious, nervous, worried, reluctant?
  • Brand new to horses?
  • A child or beginner adult?

Your Assistant Handler person is feet-on-the-ground and hands-on-the-horse dedicated to you for the entire time.  Your person will:

  • Halter and lead your horse to the barn.  Secure your horse on the cross-ties in preparation for grooming and tacking-up for your lesson.
  • Show how to safely treat your horse with a carrot or apple.
  • Help groom your horse including picking the hooves, brushing the body, combing the mane and tail including fun braids if so desired, applying mane & tail conditioner, fly spray.
  • Clean up manure if your horse poops.
  • Choose your riding equipment: saddle, saddle pad, girth, bridle, neck strap, ear bonnet and then adjust gear to fit you.
  • Snug the girth and bridle your horse.
  • Lead your horse to the arena, help you mount up, check your stirrup length and snug the girth again.
  • Walk – guide your horse from the ground while and provide lesson support to ensure your confidence and safety.
  • Help you untack your horse and bathe if necessary, clean and store your equipment and tidy your grooming area.


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