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Hampton Beach Horseback Rides

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October 1st – April 30th YES

May 1 – September 30 NO

BOOK NOW for Hampton Beach NH horseback rides.  A lifetime dream come true!  Imagine yourself on a lovely, obedient horse or pony as your senses absorb the sights and sounds as the surf swirls around your horse’s long legs.  The sun is warm on your skin and your body relaxes to the gentle rocking movement.  You are at peace, one with the universe 🙂  Light creates diamond sparkles in the tidal water as the sky is an endless horizon.  Go at low tide when beach is long and wide with perfect dense wet.  See perfect horse shoes in the sand marking a trail of your travel

Click on South Beach, Hampton NH State Park or Hampton Beach live video beach camera

Fendler sunset seabrook



Fendler sunset Seabrook harbor

Jacy and Renee with Cloud and Starbuck cut the surf.



Jacy & Cloud, Renee & Starbuck

Jan will be your mounted guide as you ride for 90 minutes on experienced beach horses.  Our horse speed is a walk, trot or canter depending on your skill and safety level. Up to four mounted riders can participate.

Book a personal Lead Walker if you are a new or nervous rider to ensure your safety and relaxation from the ground up every step of the way.  Don’t worry, be happy 🙂

You adventure runs about 4 hours round trip from North Road Farm, Fremont to Hampton Beach, Hampton NH.  We put the horses in the trailer and drive to beach.  We do not ride the horses from Fremont to Hampton 🙂

You do not have to return to the farm after you have completed your ride.  You can carry on to other Hampton Beach attractions or nearby Portsmouth NH.

horse trailer



horse transportation by wheel

What day can I ride?  When you book your ride, make a note of your preferred dates in the comments section of the order form.   Also add backup dates in case the weather turns nasty (see What about the weather below).  We’ll confirm the best date that matches your preferred date.  

Beach Ride: $360.00 per rider includes horse and equipment, mounted guide, basic riding instruction and transportation to and from the beach.

Personal Lead Walker per rider: $50 additional.  Your dedicated handler is by your side assisting you from the moment you step foot at the barn to the last hoof print you leave on the beach.

Ride Dates:  When you make your reservation online, in the comment box note your chosen date and then provide alternative dates.  Multiple dates give us options if  the weather is not compatible with your preferred date.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm best date that is fits with low tide at the beach.

What about the weather?  We will reschedule the day of your ride if weather is nasty at no additional cost.  You won’t be happy wishing you had stayed home.  Nasty weather is extreme high winds, drenching rain storms, freezing temperatures.  We will reach out to you within 48 hours to determine your level of comfort with the weather.  Rarely will we cancel the day of the ride.

How do I reschedule?  Life happens!  Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your ride date.  We will reschedule to another dates that works for all of us.  Sorry, no refund for a rescheduled ride.

Deposit or Payment:  pay online, cash or check in full or make a deposit to hold your date.  Pay balance the day of your ride in cash or check.  We do not accept credit cards the day of your ride.

NO REFUNDS are not possible.  We can certainly RESCHEDULE your beach ride.

Gift Certificates are available and can be delivered via email for printout at your location.

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