View our four legged friends that are gone but not forgotten.
All the horses and ponies here at North Road Farm are owned and cared for by Jan Brubacher.  We have no boarders, horses in training (or re-training), sale horses, young horses, problem or rescued horses being rehabilitated.  The horses here are older, schoolmasters that are all trained and know their jobs.  Age and experience does matter and the horses and ponies here will prove that to you! The majority of the equines here have been given to North Road Farm by former owners who have sadly out grown their horse or pony yet still love the animal and only wants the best for its future.  Here this horse or pony will have a forever home until he or she can no longer do his or her job.  When this time comes, Jan and the former owner make the best decision for end of the animal’s life. Our goal for you is to provide you with a safe environment where you can explore your interest and build trust and confidence with your new friend.  We have an excellent safety record and don’t plan on changing that any time soon. You will never be alone or unassisted until you have learned the basics of horse handling and equipment.  Jan or another skilled person is always here to help.  Over time, adult or youngster, everyone is eager to grow from “needs assistance” to earn “Independent” status at the farm.

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