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Historic North Road Farm. 370 North Road, Fremont NH

Historic North Road Farm

Historic North Road Farm

In 1998, Jan and her husband Rich moved from Bedford, MA to Fremont, NH to purchased and restore historic North Road Farm homestead built in 1805.   The classic post and beam New England barn is hand built.  You can see matching hatchet marks on timbers where beams interface and secure with wood pegs.  No hammer and nails here!  Walk the main floor on 200 year old footwide floor boards.  The barn’s frame is settled on a stone foundation where indian tribe signage is seen on large basement stones.   A concave root cellar is revealed in one of the basement stone walls.  No electric freezers here!   The farm is nestled on a scenic hill overlooking a pond and lush wetland pasture.  The horses happily roam freely in this peaceful, bucolic setting being outside.  No equine is confined to a stall. Living as a herd, the horses love their social life, playing, grooming, interacting as nature intended. No horse is are kept isolated in a stall or single paddock, unable to touch or nuzzel with a buddy.   In November 2019, the popular bunkhouse was added, built on the north side of the main barn. The bunkhouse has three bunkbeds and six compfy beds complete with heat, a/c, wifi, toilet, shower, outdoor fireplace and grill. Guests love pristine sunrises, sunsets and starry nights. You can book the bunkhouse through Airbnb.  

Private Horseback Riding School

In 2004 the farm was established as a private horseback riding school for children, adults and people with disabilities.  Now, a decade later, historic North Road Farm is a top rated horseback riding school in southern New Hampship. “My goal is to provide safe and professional instruction because horses = healthy, happy humans  says Jan Brubacher head instructor. As students become skilled equestrians, Jan expands their experience base 0n the fabulous rail-trail network, beach rides, pace rides or competitions depending on each rider’s goal with their favorite horse.  

History of Fremont (Olde Poplin)

author, Mathew Thomas

  History of Fremont, NH (Ole Popin) author Mathew Thomas  Historic North Road Farm, 370 North Road, Fremont NH 
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