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North Road Farm, NH top rated Horseback Riding School for Lessons, Trail, Beach, Fox Hunt, Lease You will love horseback riding on well schooled horses with pro owner/instructor Jan Brubacher

Nature Trail Ride

Ride the Fabulous Rail-Trail network, Fremont NH

Peaceful Nature Trail Rides are led by Jan Brubacher and her trusty, trail friendly horses.  You’ll experience a peaceful, memorable excursion down country roads, through open fields and into Spruce Swamp, Fremont NH on the endless Rockingham Rail-Trail network.  Spruce Swamp is nature’s gem filled with deep woods, streams, ponds filled with flora & fauna forever protected in 1,704 acres of conservation land.   Chill, relax and enjoy  historic Fremont, settled in 1720 nestled in scenic southern New Hampshire.  Walk, trot/jog, canter/lope gaits offered based on skill and safety.  Ride off the farm and return home with stories to share.  Don’t forget your camera!   Choose English or western gear adjusted to fit you and your horse or pony. Use our school helmets or bring your own.  You must wear long pants and shoes with a heel – for your safety.  No shorts or sneakers. Don’t forget that bag of carrots or apples to treat your horse!   A Pre-Trail ride lesson $70, is required for new, beginning or nervous riders. All riders must complete and submit online this Rider Release to help us understand your skills and experience. Our TOP priority is your safety and the humane treatment of your horse who works hard to take care of you on the trail ride.  

Choose the Local Loop Tour or Extended Loop Trail Tour.

  • 1 hour Local Loop tour $95 per rider.  Best for new, beginning or nervous riders.
  • Assistant Handler $40 is required for children or nervous riders.
  • 2 hour Extended Loop Tour, $190 per rider is recommended for experienced, skilled riders with stamina and fitness.
*Please note the maximum rider weight is 210 lbs

Payment and Bank Fees

You have several ways to pay for your horseback ride:


  1. Direct payment from your bank to North Road Farm using Zelle or Venmo.  Use North Road Farm bank phone #603-303-1584 to Jan Brubacher.
  2. Pay cash via mail or in person.
  3.  Credit card will add an additional transaction fee to your order.

How to Schedule Your Ride

  1. Check Horse Activity Calendar to find OPEN times that correspond with your availability.
  2. Contact Courtney, Coordinator of Horses, complete and submit the online formNote your preferred dates and times in the comments field. 
  3. Complete and submit online Rider Release form.
  4. Complete your horseback ride payment.
  5. Thank you for patiently waiting (24-48 hrs) for Courtney to confirm your ride date, time and payment.
Please Sign Ride Release
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