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North Road Farm horse riding school, Fremont NH

Pre-Beach or Pre-Trail

Stuart & JaFar Crane Beach
Jo & Jackie Purple

A pre-beach or pre-trail ride lesson is REQUIRED for all new, beginning or novice rider at $70 per rider. Your safety is our priority!  You WILL NOT be riding “head-to-tail, follow-the-leader” dude ranch style. You will be riding INDEPENDENTLY in full control of your horse.


You will be paired with a mount that matches your skill level, height and weight.  The horses will carry no more that 210 lbs. of rider weight.


You’ll be in the saddle a solid 45-60 minutes in English or western gear.  Your lesson will take place in the safety of the outdoor riding arena spring, summer, fall or the indoor arena during the winter.  Plus, prior to your ride time, you have 20 minutes additional time to halter, groom and tack up your horse or pony.


An assistant handler is REQUIRED for new, beginner or anxious riders.  Your safety is our top priority!  This hands-on person will support you with getting your mount, grooming, equipment, leading and by your side the entire lesson while Jan Brubacher is your riding instructor.  The handler provides that extra pair of hands for all the detail work and is your safety net while your are mounted and riding.


Once your ride is completed, you again have extra time to untack your horse, clean & store the riding equipment.There is time to give your horse or pony a relaxing spray bath with hot or cold water,  You have time to care for your mount and clean-up yourself. If the weather is not inviting, you can reschedule your lesson at no charge.  


Please Sign Ride Release

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