Mighty Merry

Mighty Merry is a mini mare, 10 hands high and weighs 350 lbs. If you are 3-5 years old or less than 50 pounds, you can ride her!  Merry is very popular at Pony Parties. 

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Siberian Starbuck a is registered Welsh Pony.  A big flirt with the mares, Starbuck has deep intelligent eyes. He has  great work ethic and excels on the beach & trails, jumping, gymkhana games.  He’s a safe alternative for riders who want to stay close to ground and campers.

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Graham Cracker

Graham Cracker is my name.  Snack Attack is my game. I’m an easy keeper and clean-up my meals. I was bred to be sensible and steady, so not too much gets me excited. I love to follow my horse pals when out and about.  I have a powerful neck, broad strong back, killer haunches, all delivering smooth gaits you can ride for hours. I can canter/lope from a halt or walk to either lead, side pass, pivot. When I’m in competition form, I’ll give you flying lead changes!

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JaFar also know as the Detective is the smartest horse in the herd.  He finds and opens any unsecured gate much to the delight of his pals who follow in the escape.    JaFar is Canadian, born near Guelph, Canada. JaFar is the smartest of the herd and most athletic.

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Chancellor V found Jan at the Old North Bridge Hounds fox hunt. His owner approached Jan because she no long had time for him. For Jan, the idea of brining Chancellor back to North Road Farm was like falling in love. Together, Jan & Chance began training together for Eventing, the triathalon of horseback riding and Show Jumping. Soon, Jan & Chancellor blossomed into a winning team. With too many championships to list, Chance and Jan won the Absolute Jumper Classic, NH Hunter/Jumper Summer Festival 2015 and 17th overall, Training Level, at the American Eventing Championships 2007, Chicago, Ill. Chancellor rules the herd of horses & ponies at North Road Farm. Size does matter! At 17.1 hands (69″ or 5’8″ tall at the withers) and 1500 lbs, one look from Mr. Big and everyone scatters or suffer a bite or kick due to insoluce.  However, under saddle Chancellor is all business.  Arena, trail, beach Chance know it and does it all like the champ he is.  Young beginner to a seasoned adult, he will take care of you. Breed: Clydesdale (Shire) draft crossed with Thoroughbred.  Bred in Maryland for fox hunting.  Birth year: 1991  Sex: gelding  Height: 17.1 hands  Color: dark bay with four white stocking and stripe  Favorite thing: demand attention  Scariest thing: live cows or worse, a loose cow!

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