Chancellor found North Road Farm on the Internet. His owner had changes in her life that prevented her from riding him; he was standing idle. It was love at first sight for me even though he was chubby and out of shape. Now, in 2007 Chancellor and I qualified for and were top finishers in the American Eventing Championships.

As the biggest horse at North Road Farm, Chancellor bosses everyone – ever Boxer and will not hesitate to push, bite or kick to get his way. However, on the cross ties, Chancellor loves grooming in his favorite places and is ticklish is other spots. He loves having his ears rubbed.

  • Breed: Clydesday (Shire) draft crossed with Thoroughbred
  • Birthyear: 1991
  • Sex: gelding
  • Height: 17.1 hands
  • Color: dark bay with four white stocking and stripe on face
  • Favorite thing to do: jump, paw and demand attendion
  • Scariest thing: live cows in a near by pasture or worse, a loose cow!