Horses Helping People be Healthy + Happy

North Road Farm, horse riding school, Fremont NH


Siberian Starbuck a is registered Welsh Pony.  A big flirt with the mares, Starbuck has deep intelligent eyes. He has  great work ethic and excels on the beach & trails, jumping, gymkhana games.  He’s a safe alternative for riders who want to stay close to ground and campers.

Dun roan color with silver highlights in black mane and tail.  At times we roach his mane and he looks like a punk – a name he can live up to.  Nickname: Mr. Bossy  Birth year: 1994 Patten Maine  Sex: gelding  Height: 13.3 hands  Color: Dun roan with silver highlights  Favorite thing to do: Boss other horses around  Distinguishing feature: dreamy eyes & big attitude

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