Snack Attack is my nickname. I’m an easy keeper and clean-up my meals. I was bred to be sensible and steady, so not too much gets me excited. I love to follow my horse pals when out and about. I prefer not to be the lead horse as I’m not the most courageous. I have a powerful neck, a broad strong back with turbo haunches, all delivering smooth gaits you can ride for hours. I can canter/lope from a halt or walk to either lead, side pass, pivot. When I’m in competition form, I’ll give you flying lead changes!

Ride me hunt seat, dressage or western. My soft mouth and muscular neck makes working in a snaffle bridle perfect for dressage collection. Put on my western bit, drop your hand and I’ll neck rein on cue while we bushwhack off the trail. My best pace is slow, slower and stop! Riders like that quality on beach and trail because I’m not fond of bucking or running away. If you like hanging out on your couch, you will like riding me for long hours in the saddle.

I can push my 1600 lbs around (1400 when I’m in shape). Surprisingly, I am actually gentle and want to hear your voice commands. Natural horsemanship is a good match as I want to please you. I will do my best if you know correct riding aids, and deliver good signals so we can be an impressive pair.

  • Breed: Belgian draft x Quarter Horse
  • Birthyear: April 14, 2002
  • Sex: gelding
  • Height: 16.3 hands
  • Color: light chestnut
  • Favorite thing: grooming
  • Favorite activity: feeding my massive body
  • Accomplishment: 2008 Hilltop Equestrian Center Beginner Novice Year-End Champion. 2011 USEA Beginner Novice Adult Team Champion