JaFar also know as the Detective is the smartest horse in the herd.  He finds and opens any unsecured gate much to the delight of his pals who follow in the escape.    JaFar is Canadian, born near Guelph, Canada. JaFar is the smartest of the herd and most athletic.

As a fantasy horse with fine dished Arab head, longest forelock, mane and pure  silver white coat, JaFar has been hired for modeling.  His keen senses and quick mind makes it easy for JaFar to open his stall door and tossing halters and lead ropes across the floor!  A naturalathletic jumper, JaFar is trusty, handy and clever over fences or at the fox hunt.  He canters easily and offers flying changes when appropriate.  English, western JaFar drops his head delivering an effortless slow jog easy to sit.

Breed: MorAb: Polish Arabian crossed with Morgan  Birth year: 1991 Crosspoint Farm Canada  Sex: gelding Height:16 hands  Color: silver white  Favorite thing: opening doors, gates, stalls. jumping, flying lead changes.  Distinguishing featureS: longest forelock, dreamy eyes.  Could be a Unicorn.  Accomplishments: 2017 Champion NHHJ Open Jumper, 2016 NHHJ Year End Open Jumper Reserve Champion, 2005 Silver Heels Riding Club Jumping Champion and many more.

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