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North Road Farm horse riding school, Fremont NH

Two Hour Introduction to Riding

What You Will Learn


  • Wonder how riders get horses to do all those cool things?
  • Are you feeling rusty and itching to get back in the saddle?
  • Have you been a “dude ranch rider” with no clue what the horse is doing why?
  • Want to calm down, unplug and get grounded?
  • Have you had a traumatic horse experience and fearful to get back in the saddle?
  • Never had formal instruction and wish you did?
  • Does a family member or friend want to ride but doesn’t know where to start?
  • Are you concerned about the safety and danger of horseback riding?
  • Want your horse to love you in the saddle?
  • Want low impact, aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility exercise?

Well, wonder no more!  Here, in the Two Hour Introduction to Riding you will learn the fundamentals of horseback riding.  English, western, trail, beach, jump – learn and practice how to cue the horse or pony correctly with safe, humane, clear, direct cues.  This lesson starts in the tack room with the student unmounted on a saddle, reins in-hand.  This first hour is a hand-on tutorial to learn and practice the essentials of horseback riding.  Family or friends are welcome to audit this class simultaneously with the student.  The second hour, the student is horseback riding, putting all that theory into play.


The student will be paired with a mount that matches her/his skill level, height and weight.  The horses will carry no more that 210 lbs. of rider weight.  All riders must complete and submit online this Rider Release form prior to this lesson.


Two Hour Introduction to Riding is a memorable gift certificate for that someone special.


The following topics are covered:

  1. Horse psychology and communication.
  2. English versus western.  How to choose and why.
  3. Discover your natural aids: legs, hands, hips/seat, torso, voice to balance and easily cue horse or pony
  4. Use your natural aids plus saddle & bridle to go forward, halt, back, turn left, turn right
  5. Halter, lead, groom, put on saddle & bridle.  Adjust equipment to yourself and horse or pony.
  6. In arena, safely mount & dismount using a mounting block.  Ride walk, trot/jog, canter/lope based on skill and safety.
  7. Learn correct, natural cues for walk, trot/jog, canter/lope.
  8. Your lesson may include bareback, games, yoga exercises.
  9. Extra time to untack your horse or pony and give a pleasant spray bath, weather appropriate.
  10. Clean and care for riding equipment ready for the next  use.


For students wishing to continue with instruction following the Two Hour Introduction, North Road Farm recommends taking a 1 Hour Riding Lesson, ideally once per week depending on the rider’s personal goal.


Best clothing to wear: stretchy pants or leggings, sturdy shoes/boots with heels, a safety helmet – or use one of ours. Plus, don’t forget carrots (large please) or apples for your horse or pony.

Payment and Bank Fees

You have several ways to pay for your horseback ride:


  1. Direct payment from your bank to North Road Farm using Zelle or Venmo.  Use North Road Farm bank phone #603-303-1584 to Jan Brubacher.
  2. Pay cash via mail or in person.
  3.  Credit card will add an additional transaction fee to your order.

How to Schedule Your Ride

  1. Check Horse Activity Calendar to find OPEN times that correspond with your availability.
  2. Contact Courtney, Coordinator of Horses, complete and submit the online formNote your preferred dates and times in the comments field. 
  3. Complete and submit online Rider Release form.
  4. Complete your horseback ride payment.
  5. Thank you for patiently waiting (24-48 hrs) for Courtney to confirm your ride date, time and payment.
Please Sign Ride Release
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