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North Road Farm, horse riding school, Fremont NH

FAQ frequently asked questions

What Can I Expect?

Horseback riding is a combined physical and mental experience requiring the student to be present – “in the moment”.  Riding requires you to connect to a strong, intelligent animal who will reward you with peace.

Who Is My Instructor?

Jan Brubacher is the owner of North Road Farm and Head Instructor.  Jan has a wonderful assistant instructors added depending on the lesson and student.

How Does Leasing Work?

For a flat monthly rate, you ride your favorite horse in lessons, trail and practice rides.

When Can I Ride?

Lessons, trail, beach and practice rides are scheduled through Jan.  Monday is Jan’s day off.  Tuesday through Friday lessons and trail rides are available from 10 am to 3 pm and certain evenings.  Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Can I ride Western?


What do I wear?

  • comfortable long pants.  No slippery leggings.
  • boots, shoes with heel
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • no sneakers, sandals. shorts

How about a helmet?

Use our school helmet or your own bicycle or ski helmet or similar.

Horse treats?

Carrots or apples. No candy.

Too old?

Jan was born in 1957.  You do the math.

Too young?

Students under 5 years must have a parent walking next to the youngster at all time.  5 years and older can ride independently.


Riders with traumatic experiences will have apprehension.  As a certified therapeutic instructor, Jan takes extra time to clear prior situations and determine the best approach for the student to re-start riding. Unmounted, with the security of a saddle on a saddle stand, the student will learn core skills to establish confidence and knowledge to safely begin riding.

Rain, Wind, Freeze?

Rides are rescheduled at no charge:

  • below freezing
  • driving rain, thunder, lightning
  • strong wind
  • excessive heat 
  • personal sickness


Friends and family are welcome to watch lessons on the observation deck or walk with riders and horses on the local trial loop.

Photos, Video?

Bring your camera.  Jan also shoots photos and video.

Private or group lesson?

Beginners start with private lessons until they are independent riders able to walk, trot, turn and halt without assistance.  Depending on the rider, an assistant instructor may added at an additional fee to provide emotional and physical support.  Intermediate to advanced riders may be combined into a group lesson.  There is no reduced rate for a group lesson.

Creature Comforts?

  • Observation deck to watch lessons
  • Indoor arena 
  • Equipment & bathroom heat or AC
  • Hand & foot warmers
  • wifi
  • indoor toilet
  • hot & cold water
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