Can I ride Western?

Yes. We have children and adult Western lessons. We also offer English, dressage or jumping, and bareback lessons.

What do I wear?

Long pants and a shoe with a heel. No sneakers, sandals or shorts. Gloves optional.

How about a helmet?

Helmets are required. Use your own bicycle helmet or one of ours.

Can I bring something for the horses?

Yes! Carrots or apples. No candy.

Am I too old?

If you are active and consider yourself fit, there’s no reason you can’t ride!  My birthday is 11/10/1957.  You do the math.  I’m still riding and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  We have riders ages 3-75+ years.

How young can I start?

Students under 5 years must wear a helmet and have an adult side walker with an instructor leading.  Young children may not have the muscles strength, coordination or maturity to handle sudden, unexpected movements by the pony.  We recommend a visit to the farm first to see if your youngster is ready for a riding lesson.

I’ve had a bad experience and still remember it.

We will spend more time on ground work with the horse and you. We will cover riding skills with you un-mounted, in the saddle, on the ground. We will focus on core basics with safety in mind.  You will never be pushed to do more than your comfort – learning zone.  We never want students in the panic or anxiety zone 🙂   Chill zone please!

What if it rains?

We ride sun, rainy drizzle and in the evening after dusk.  If unsafe outside, or you can’t or don’t want to ride, we reschedule to another date.  No charge.  No hassle.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. Friends and family are welcome to watch on the observation deck overlooking the ring and pond. Take a walk down Martin Road to the farm land. The heated tack room also has Wi-Fi access.

Can I get a picture of myself with the horse?

Yes, just let Jan know at the beginning of your ride.

Will I ride with other people?

Most lessons are one-on-one instruction and coaching. Semi-private and group lessons are offered when rider is able to work independently with less support.  4-H Riding Club on Saturday mornings is always popular.

How long does the ride last?

Generally a 30 minute lesson will expand to 45 minutes or more. A 60 minute lesson expands to 90 minutes or more. Riders have the opportunity to come early or stay late and spend more time grooming, cleaning tack, watching other riders or other activities. There is no additional charge.

Is there a bathroom?

Yes, a heated bathroom and tack/equipment.