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Learn How to Horseback Riding Lessons - Beginners who ride horses

Learn How to Horseback Riding Lesson

Start Here!  Get your questions answered with this private, one-on-one, hands-on horseback riding lesson: bond, handle, groom, equipment and ride. Satisfaction guaranteed.

How to Schedule Your Learn How to Horseback Ride Lesson

  1. Check Horse Activity Calendar. Find OPEN dates & times that work for you.
  2. Call 802-277-0645 or contact Courtney, Coordinator of Horses, with your dates and times.
  3. Complete and submit online Rider Release form.
  4. Complete your Lesson payment.
  5. Thank you for patiently waiting (12 -48 hrs) for Courtney to confirm your ride date, time and payment.
Please Sign Ride Release

How to Pay for Your Learn How to Horseback Ride Lesson

Full payment is due to reserve this lesson.  Please chose your preferred payment method.


  1. Pay cash or check via mail or in person.
  2.  Credit card plus transaction fee

Upon conpletion of this lesson, student is qualified to purchase a Book of Lessons or a Book of Practice Rides.


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