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Fox Hunt


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All NE Hunt hosted by Myopia Hunt

Fendler & Jan gallop, Norfolk Hunt

Jackie & Jan, Lady & Molly, Old North Bridge Hunt

Jackie & Jan ONBH

Jackie braided mane ONBH

ONHB Master’s Dinner

ONBH Fox Hunt

Jackie & Jan NE Hunter Trials

Jan & Starbuck Wentworth Hunt

Bella at Fox Hunt

Debbie, Marjorie, Dennis, All Hunts Meet

Hounds at Check

Joint Meet Gathering

JaFar’s All Ears

As a rider at you must have the skills and endurance to walk, trot, canter and gallop safely for 1-2 hours in any type of weather.  Yes, tradition and fashion count; wearing the correct hunting attire is respectful and expected.  Once the hounds are cast to the scent, there is no turning back as you are now riding with the hounds.

Multiple hunts call New England their home. Jan rides with Old North Bridge HoundsOld North Bridge Hounds (ONBH) Concord MA, Myopia Hunt Hamilton MA, Norfolk Hunt Dover MA and Wentworth Hunt Lee, NH depending on the day.

Jan serves as Field Master ONBH by leading the first flight of riders & horses jumping over natural obstacles such a logs, stone walls, fences following the huntsman and hounds on the chase.

Hunts typically departs at 10 am in the mornings on private and conservation lands. To hunt with ONBH, iders must sign this waiver ONBH Liability Release. Each hunt charges a “capping” fee per outing.
ONBH’s fee is $20-$60 per guest payable the day of the hunt.

To ride with the hounds, you must be approved by Jan prior to the hunt. The rate is $200 to use one of Jan’s seasoned horse or pony plus a $50 coaching fee.

Friends and family are welcome to watch the hounds, horses and riders from the ground. You can follow the hunt on foot or by car for the entire event. At the end of the hunt, everyone participates in a traditional “Breakfast Tea”. The Tea is potluck of food and beverages contributed by everyone to re-live the thrill of the day.

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