Fox Hunt with Jan Brubacher

As a student at North Road Farm, you may be qualified by skill and experience to ride with the hounds of Old North Bridge Hounds (ONBH). If you are not a student that’s OK too. Either way, if this is your goal to participate in an officially recognized fox hunt on one of North Road Farm’s quality horses or ponies, talk to Jan Brubacher. We’ll work out a plan to give you the horseback riding experience of a lifetime! All riders must sign this ONBH Liability Release

Non- riders, spectators are also welcome to watch the hounds, horses & riders from the ground. You can follow the hunt on foot or by car for the entire event. At the end, we all participate in a “breakfast tea”. The Tea is a selection of food and beverages contributed by everyone at that particular hunt on that day. Feel free to bring something to share.

See the EVENT CALENDAR for the 2019 season’s hunts and related activities.

ONBH Fox Hunt

ONBH Fox Hunt, Acton MA, . Jan Brubacher & Jackie, Jazmine & Starbuck, Sammie & Bella

Brief History of Old North Bridge Hounds (ONBH)

In the spring of 1971, an inspection by the President of the Master of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), Mr. Sherman Haight of Litchfield, Connecticut, resulted in his recommendation that ONBH be granted registered status. In October of 1973, ONBH was officially recognized by the MFHA. Click for more ONBH history

Hunt Staff

ONBH has been blessed over the years by the generosity and dedication of its huntsmen, particularly Ollie Lawrence and Mim Neville.  Today, ONBH’s pack of American and Crossbred foxhounds is hunted by Ginny Zukatynski, who shares the Joint-Mastership with Marjorie Franko, Stu Greenberg, and Tom Moran.

Hunt Territory

Hunt territory has been centered in Concord, Acton, and Carlisle, plus areas in Framingham, and Stow. Since 2000, ONBH has developed exciting new country in Pepperell, Groton, and Hollis, NH. The terrain is mostly wooded with some open fields and water crossings, and jumps including stone walls, fallen trees, chicken coops, and log piles abound. ONBH hunt country is made up of suburban and rural territories. To avoid back yards and busy roads, the hounds follow a drag made up of anise and vegetable oils, expertly laid by former MFH and huntsman Mim Neville and her intrepid crew. Safety of the hounds is assured, and the field has an exhilarating run over a variety of jumps, plus the opportunity to watch and hear hounds work. For more

ONHB Master's Dinner

Fox Hunt Master’s Dinner. Amy, Tom, Jan Brubacher & Qualified Hunter ribbons

Our foxes have two legs, not four

ONBH engages in drag hunting, not live fox hunting. Our two legged “foxes” lay a scent trail along a prescribed course for our hounds to follow. Drag hunting means that we avoid backyards and busy highways. It also insures that participants get a great run every time the hounds go out.

Hunt Activities

ONBH members enjoy year-round activities and events that offer enjoyment, friendly competition, education, and a chance to relax and socialize with other members, friends, neighbors, and landowners. These include holiday parties, teas and tailgates after every hunt, the Annual Landowners Tea, the All New England Hunts Ball, hound shows and races, the New England Hunter Trials, puppy walking, hunter paces, hound trails, pony club days, joint meets, and the annual Master’s Dinner.

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Fox Hunt
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