New England Fox Hunt

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Fox Hunt

To ride with the hounds, you must have the skills and endurance to walk, trot, canter and gallop safely for 1-2 hours in any type of weather and dress in the time honored tradition of correct fox hunting attire.  Once the hounds are cast to the scent, there is no turning back as you are now riding with the hounds.


Member with Colors

Jan is a distinguished member with colors of the Old North Bridge Hounds (ONBH), Concord, MA and the Wentworth Hunt, Lee NH having served in mnay positions on and off the ground. On certain hunts, Jan will serve as Field Master by leading the first flight of riders jumping their horses as they follow the huntsman and hounds on the chase.  Jan also rides with Wentworth Hunt depending on the day.


ONBH hunt departs at 10 am on Tuesday and Saturday mornings on private and conservation land in the greater Concord MA arena.  All guest riders must sign this ONBH Liability Release and pay a “capping fee” of $40-$150 to ride as a guest of the hunt.  Should you be appropriately skilled and wish to ride with a hunt, you will rent one of Jan’s fox hunters horses or ponies for a fee of $250, $100 coaching fee plus transportation @ $1.75 mile per hunt. The transportation fee is split among all riders.


Can I ride with the hunt?

If your dream is to ride the with the hunt, please complete and submit this online form and make note of your intension in the comment. Jan will guide and coach you through the process of becoming a fox hunter 🙂



Spectators are welcome to watch the hounds, horses & riders from the ground.  You can follow the hunt on foot or by car for the entire event.  At the end, we all participate in a “breakfast tea”.  The Tea is a selection of food and beverages contributed by everyone at that particular hunt on that day. Feel free to bring something to share.


Our Foxes Have Two Legs, Not Four

New England fox hunts engage in  drag hunting not live fox hunting. Way back, the original hunts were blood sports with the goal to catch and kill the fox. Now, as a humane sport, no foxes are killed. Human two legged “foxes” lay a scent trail along a prescribed course for our hounds to follow.  Now, drag hunting means respecting the traditions of the hunt and animals. With this definition, now fox hunting means riders have a great run every time the hounds go out.


Hunt Activities

Fox hunters are gregarious social animals who enjoy year-round activities and events that offer entertainment, friendly competition, education and a time to relax and socialize with other members, friends, neighbors, and landowners. Events include “breakfast teas” after every hunt, joint meets, pace rides, New England Hunter Trials, Annual Landowners Tea, New England Hunts Ball, hound shows & races, puppy walking, Junior Hunt Day.

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