Jackie and Tucker, NE Hunter Trials Pairs

RuthWorks: NE Hunter Trials Bradley Palmer 10.21.2018 &emdash; RW185513

Jackie, Turbo Jackie or Jacqueline show with Jan as pilot.  Here we are riding in the Pairs over Fences with Tina McCormick and Tucker at the New England Hunter Trials hosted by the Myopia Hunt Club, Bradley Palmer State Park, Hamilton MA.  October 14, 2018

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trail rides

trail rides

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Starbuck, JaFar and Graham Cracker and their riders enjoy the surf and sand on a spring day. 

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JaFar Starbuck beach hand lead sunset

JaFar Starbuck beach hand lead sunset

Bye summer horse camp!

Ray and campers wave along with Graham Cracker and Chancellor.

We had lots of campers and vacation riders as far as Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, Florida, Texas, Alaska.

week 9 Summer Camp is here!

campers with feed pails

campers with feed pails

Summer Day Horse Camp is open and having lots of fun!

Archie free jumping

Archie free jumping with campers

Nature trail ride

Nature trail ride

Jan & JaFar 2016 Year-End Open Jumper Champions

Jan & JaFar 2016 Year End Champions

show here with Rebecca MacWilliams, our coach for the season. Thank you, Becca!

Jan, Alisa, Gabby watch the jumpers soar.

Derby spectators

Jan, Alisa, Gabby watching the jumper soar.