*It’s All About You – Centered Philosophy*

What do you want to get out of your ride, today?
Who would you like to ride, a new horse or your favorite?
What do you want to learn or try?
Where would you like to go – for a trail or ring ride?
What do want to work on from your last lesson?
How did you feel after your last lesson?
Is there anything you don’t want to do?

All are typical questions I will ask you, to make sure we are covering and not overlooking, any area of importance to you.

My approach is safety first, fun second! Everybody loves to be around horses so the enthusiasm is catchy. You will learn the basics rules about how to work safely around these 1000 lb. beasts and walk away in one piece to ride again with confidence.

Time and time again I have the gift of sharing horses with wee 4, 5, 6 year olds who clearly have passion for horses at such a tender age. For all my years riding and studying horses plus a natural teaching style I am able to offer you and your family the world of horses. Riding makes such an impact on people’s spiritual and physical lives whether you are a youth making the initial connection; a teenager with a disability competing at Special Olympics; or an adult wanting a refreshing break from stress to reconnect through horses on a trail ride. Click here for more information on trail riding the Rockingham Recreation Trail network from North Road Farm.

Visitors Welcome

Please contact me, Jan Brubacher, Owner & Instructor, to arrange your free tour.
email Jan Brubacher or call 603-303-1584
370 North Road, Fremont, NH 03044

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Students Share Their Thoughts

“I just wanted to thank you again for the great first lesson you gave Jensen today. She had so much fun! She can't wait to go back. You have a really great way about you and your love for what you do shows. Also, thank you for spending so much extra time with us, we really appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing you at the next lesson!"

Judy, North Andover, MA

“Originally our daughter was curious about the sport and drawn to horses. But as she continued with lessons, other unexpected benefits were realized to include: improved performance in school, better ability to concentrate and focus on a task, and overall improved confidence.”

Amy Goodrich, Epping, NH

“Riding is important to me because I got introduced to it by my wife, and it is a completely new activity, which gives me completely new skills. Horses are beautiful animals, and riding them makes you feel good, especially when you are in harmony with the animal. I also benefit from the therapeutic movement in hips and back. Jan explains horsemanship concepts in an easy to understand manner. She relates to her students. She is very patient. Her love of horses is transmitted when she teaches.”

“You add the entire mind/body experience that is uncommon. You invent ways to ease rider and horse. You add in fun stuff. You make it fun Jan.”

Uwe Zimmerman, Merrimac, NH

"Read this quote and thought of you Jan, "Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success." - Dale Carnegie’’

Danielle Salois LeClair

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