Youth 4-H Riding Classes


Youth 4-H Riding Classes

Youth 4-H Riding Club is a group class held on Saturday or Sunday and Wednesday.  Please check Event Calendar for dates.  Students must pay for and reserve in advance for all classes.

Rate $40 per class @ 4 classes = $160.  Single group class is $45.

A 10% discount is available to 1) multiple family students participating at the same time. 2) Current, active 4-H club members.  Ask Jan for discount code when reserving your classes..

Space is limited to 5 riders per class to ensure quality instruction and attention.

Students gain experience working independently as possible.  There is always supervised assistance.  Each rider is given plenty of time to practice, ask questions, make mistakes, build confidence, skills and pride.  Everyone loves to learn by helping and watching others.   Each class covers:

Lead, groom, select, adjust and secure your equipment
Safely mount and dismount
Ride English, western. bareback, in-hand, showmanship, gymkhana games
Assist other riders as a lead walker
Understanding horse behavior

Students must submit online Volunteer & Ride Release prior to attending.  Students of minor age must have parent/adult approve release.


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Youth 4-H Riding Classes emphasize the foundation of horseback riding covered in the Two Hour Introduction to Riding lesson. Jan Brubacher is the instructor along with other assistants. This horseback riding group class is great way for kids to explore their interest without breaking the bank.  Youngsters will get grasp the concepts of how to correctly and safely handle and navigate a horse or pony.  This class is hands-on instruction in a saddle with bridle on a live horse or pony.  Family or friends can help the beginner build confidence with assistance in grooming and leading the animal throughout the session.  Portions of these topics are covered in each class:
  1. Horse psychology and communication.
  2. English versus western.  How to choose and why.
  3. Discover your natural aids: legs, hands, hips/seat, torso, voice to balance and easily cue horse or pony
  4. Use your natural aids plus saddle & bridle to go forward, halt, back, turn left, turn right
  5. Halter, lead, groom, put on saddle & bridle.  Adjust equipment to yourself and horse or pony.
  6. In arena, safely mount & dismount using a mounting block.  Ride walk, trot/jog, canter/lope based on skill and safety.
  7. Learn to correct, natural cues for walk, trot/jog, canter/lope.
  8. Your lesson may include bareback, games, yoga exercises.
  9. Extra time to untack your horse or pony and give it a pleasant spray bath, weather appropriate.
  10. Clean and care for your riding equipment so it’s ready for the next  use.
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