Low Tide Beach Ride


October 1 thru April 30 🙂

No rides available May 1 thru Sept 30 🙁

Everyone loves the sights and sounds as the horses move through the the surf break on the glistening, hard packed, wet sand. Feel the sun against your face reflecting off the water. See the diamond sparkles in the tidal water as it gently rolls around your horse’s feet at South Beach, Hampton NH State Park. We go at low tide when the beach is long and deep with perfect footing for the horses.

If you would like to make a reservation for an upcoming beach ride please contact Jan or view calendar of available dates.  If a date you desire is not active, please contact Jan for more details.


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Jan will be your mounted guide as you ride for 1-2 hours on experienced beach horses. Up to four mounted riders can participate.   We ride at low tide from October 1 to April 30 at low tide.   Enjoy the inspiration of the ocean, waves, sounds as you and your mount navigate waves, tidal pools, rivulets of seawater  swirl beneath you.  Feel the sun warm your back and face while it creates diamond sparkles in your eyes.

Approximately 4 hours round trip from North Road Farm, Fremont to Hampton Beach, NH. We put the horses in the trailer and drive to beach. We do not ride the horses from Fremont to Hampton 🙂

This memorable experience is available October 1 through April 30.  It’s not our rule but NH State Parks.  Reserve your special ride for up to four people in advance for this popular bucket list request!  This is a super Gift Certificate for a special person or romantic couple, family reunion or birthday, wedding, anniversary.

Beach Ride: $185.00 per rider includes horse and equipment, mounted guide, basic riding instruction and transportation to and from the beach.  A ground Lead Walker can be reserved @ $35 for the entire ride.  The Lead Walker is especially for the new, young, nervous, anxious or not independent rider who does not want to spend the entire ride worried or scared.   Reserve Low Tide Beach Ride now or for a future special date 🙂


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