Horse Lease

As you ride at North Road Farm, it is common to develop a special bond with a certain horse.  This special bond is such that you wish to own a horse just like the special one – ideally without having to pay full price without full responsibility.  Leasing your special horse is the best solution.


How does leasing a horse work?  What does leasing include?


  • $450 paid at beginning of each month.
  • Priority use of horse for lessons, practice and trail rides.
  • One weekly lesson and three practice or trail rides.
  • Student rider must be approved by Jan Brubacher as independent, safe and correct handler and rider.
  • Use and care of horse’s halter, bridle and saddle and related tack.
  • Jumping of horse during lessons.
  • Feed, board, veterinary, farrier and related care.
  • A substitute horse if lease horse is unusable or unavailable.

What’s not included in a horse lease?


  • Transportation to and coaching at horse shows, pace, beach, trail rides.
  • Unused lessons and rides do not carry over to the next month or to another rider.
  • Lease is not transferrable to another person.
  • Other persons can not ride leased horse without permission.
  • No jumping without supervision or permission.



Please Sign Ride Release


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