Horse Lease


Horse Lease by Month

You qualify to lease a North Road Farm horse or pony when you are an independant rider with these proven skills:

  1. Halter & lead
  2. Groom & tack up
  3. Mount up
  4. Ride walk & trot, or walk, trot, canter in the arena
  5. Dismount and untack
  6. Groom or bathe your mount
  7. Clean & store your equipment

Your monthly Lease is based on the number of lessons, trail rides and practice rides.  These rides are scheduled at the beginning of each month.  Rides can not be carried over to the next month.  Rides must be completed in the month scheduled.

10% discount is given to your total lease payment made at the beginning of the month.

You choose your first choice horse or pony and second choice horse or pony.  Jan will make your choices your priority over other ride requests.

Youth under 18 must have an adult on premised for practice rides.

No riders are permitted off the North Road Farm premised unless accompanied by Jan Brubacher.

No jumping in practice rides unless approved by Jan Brubacher


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Horse Lease per Month

10% discount for all rides scheduled and paid in advance at beginning of each month

Rider determines number of practice rides, 1 hour lessons, 90 minute lessons (this includes trail or arena rides) and practice rides.  These rides determine you lease rate.

Lease minimum is four 1 hour lessons and 4 practice rider per month.

4 lessons x $60 = $240

4 practice rides x $40 = $160

Total $240 + $160 = $400.

$400 – $40 (10%) = $360 per month.  Use code: Lease10 when submitting payment online to receive discount.  Once Jan has received your payment, you and Jan will schedule your rides.  Rides are not scheduled online.


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