Group Riding Class


You know the basics detailed in the Two Hour Introduction lesson and can execute all steps independently or with minimal assistance.

This class is more designed for advanced beginners to intermediate riders who wish to spend more time 1) jumping gymnastics 2)gymkhana games 3)  walk, trot/jog, canter/lope in arena and on trails.  Group riding class is strongly recommended to build your confidence if you want to show.

limit 2-4 students
Arena or trail
60 minute group class
20 minutes to get ready
10 minutes to finish

Students must pay for and reserve in advance for all classes. Single group class is $55. 4 classes @ $55 = $220.

Students must submit online Volunteer & Ride Release prior to attending.  Students of minor age must have parent/adult approve release.


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Group Riding Classes emphasize the foundation of horseback riding covered in the Two Hour Introduction to Riding lesson. Jan Brubacher is the instructor along with other assistants. Students will master these concepts in each class:
  1. Horse psychology and communication.
  2. English versus western.  How to choose and why.
  3. Discover your natural aids: legs, hands, hips/seat, torso, voice to balance and easily cue horse or pony
  4. Use your natural aids plus saddle & bridle to go forward, halt, back, turn left, turn right
  5. Halter, lead, groom, put on saddle & bridle.  Adjust equipment to yourself and horse or pony.
  6. In arena, safely mount & dismount using a mounting block.  Ride walk, trot/jog, canter/lope based on skill and safety.
  7. Learn to correct, natural cues for walk, trot/jog, canter/lope.
  8. Your lesson may include bareback, games, yoga exercises.
  9. Extra time to untack your horse or pony and give it a pleasant spray bath, weather appropriate.
  10. Clean and care for your riding equipment so it’s ready for the next  use.


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