Two Hour Introductory Lesson $110
Great gift for newbies. Sweet reward for yourself or someone special.  Re-start after time off with a mini how-to clinic, hands-on riding concepts while not on a horse: mount to & dismount from saddle, use reins and body cues, balance, steer, turn, halt.  Put it all together on a real live horse or pony!  With assistance halter, lead, groom, tack-up, ride walk, trot, canter based on skill and safety.  May include bareback, games, yoga exercises.

One Hour Single Lesson $55-$45
You know basics.  Independently you can halter, groom, tack-up, adjusting equipment.  Your lesson is 40–60 minutes on horseback, 20 minutes preparation, 20 minutes clean-up.  Total time typically 90-120 minutes. No rush.  No stress.  Lessons are in outdoor ring, on local trail network based on skill, safety and weather.

Book of Rides Each ride $45 when paid in advance
Single ride $55 Five rides $225
Two rides $90 Six rides $270
Three rides $135 Seven rides $315
Four rides $180 Eight rides $360

Monthly Lease $400 per month  Secure your favorite mount and increase your ride time.  Practice rides are unsupervised.  Adult must be present for children under 18 years.  Trail, off farm, jumping rides must have instructor.

Saturday Riding Club $35-$30
10am-noon, two hour lesson. Hands-on, learn by doing, how to ride instruction.  You will halter & lead, groom, tack-up, mount, dismount, use legs, hands, seat and practice halt, walk, trot, canter gaits based on skill and safety.

Book of Riding Clubs Each session $30 when paid in advance
One session $35 Four sessions $120
Two sessions $60 Five sessions $150
Three sessions $90 Six sessions $180

English, Dressage





Jumping, hunt seatEeventing

Natural horsemanship