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* It’s All About You – Centered Philosophy *

      • “Why do you want to ride a horse?”
      • “When was the last time you rode?”
      • “Have you received any formal instruction?”
      • “Do you have a disability or traumatic event to share”
      • “Is there anything you don’t want to do?”
      • “What do you want to get out of your ride today?”
      • “Who would you like to ride; a new horse or your favorite?”
      • “How did you feel after your last lesson?”

Dedicated Horseback Riding School

As your Fearless instructor, been there, seen that, done that, or  this ain’t my first rodeo,  I will ask you these questions determine how we should get started or continue.  After that, it’s safety first, fun second!  Please check out the Meet Jan Brubacher page to learn more about me.

If you are not 100% happy at the end of you ride, I offer a money-back guarantee.  Word of mouth referrals are everything to me, so your dissatisfaction is never my intention.  Please check out Student Testimonials.  At North Road Farm there is no rush, no stress, no drama.  I prefer open, respectful communication.  The horses & ponies do too 🙂

Click here for Two Hour Introduction to Horseback Riding

Click here for One Hour Private Lesson

All students must complete and submit online this Rider Release

Horseback Riding Disciplines Taught

    • English: Hunt seat, Jumping, Dressage
    • Trail: English or western
    • Gymkhana/games: English or western
    • Bareback

Horses and Ponies Waiting for You!

Check out Meet Your Horse to see who’s looking for a rider.  All the horses and ponies are trained and schooled by me to be your trustworthy riding partner.  Every student wants to be an independent rider capable of safely handling and riding with knowledge and confidence.  Here you will learn how to use your natural instincts and logical cues to move the horse to a walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, back-up, turn left or right and of course, halt.

One of the hardest things to learn is how to get their darn heads up from a green grass trail snack.  Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

School Facilities

Students take lessons, classes, lease and learn in the outdoor arena or trail.  The outdoor is large, fully enclosed with high sun exposure, bright night lights, excellent footing and good drainage.  No puddles or slop to avoid other than early spring time.

During the winter, we use a lovely indoor riding arena across the street from North Road Farm.  Each rider must pay an additional $5 use fee per ride.

Everybody loves trail rides!  After all isn’t this what horseback riding is really all about?  I’d say most students will agree that jaunts on the Rockingham Rail-Trail network, Fremont are just the best.  I love to give lessons while on the trail because the horses are like little kids eager for recess.  Your mount is willing and cooperative.  This is a “do it again” treat because we practice skills learned in the arena and field test them out in the real world.  No “hot house bubble riders or horses here.”

The tack/equipment room is user-friendly with heat, hot & cold running water, washer/dryer, toilet and wifi.  How nice, no smelly porta potties. In here, we hold the Two Hour Introduction to Riding theory section of class.  You’ll sit unmounted on a saddle with reins in-hand to learn proper horsemanship. You will look and feel proud!  No hack riders here – beside the horses are polite, but really don’t like them 🙂


Welcome are students with disabilities such as Autism, Developmental Delay, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD.  I am a Professional Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH International  We participate in the Special Olympics, held at UNH each spring.  You can too!

Together, we start patiently to see where is the student’s ability from handling, grooming to horseback riding.  In the arena, I emphasize safe, correct skills and keep the pace within the student’s comfort zone.  Lessons are a mix of drills and games for fitness and entertainment.  When the student is ready and willing, we hit the trails it is such a wonderful, independent reward!  If appropriate, a lead or side walker is included at an additional fee. My goal is to create a dynamic yet peaceful environment to build confidence & muscle tone.


Lessons, classes and leases run year-round in most weather including light snow or drizzly rain. FUN! Plus, the horses really don’t care.  They’re just happy get your attention and those carrots & apples!  Horseback riding is delayed or cancelled in case of snow storms, freezing temps, heavy rain, lighting, thunder, high wind.  If you have any doubt, call/text me at 603-303-1584.  Rides are happily rescheduled at no cost or fuss.

What to Wear

Helmets are required.  Wear your own helmets (bicycle, ski, hockey helmets are acceptable) or use one of our school helmets.  Shoes or boots with a heel are the best.  No sneakers, sandals, soft shoes.  Soft shoes don’t protect feet should you get accidently stepped on (it does happen) and they do a poor job cueing your mount.

Riding pants, long jeans or leggings are best because the fabric has a texture grip to provide good contact for your legs and increases safety.  No slippery synthetics, shorts, skirts, bare legs.  Wear tall or long socks to protect your ankles and cushion your feet.  No thin, small slipper socks please.

Where to Get Gear

If you’re ready to purchase your own stuff, shop at these nearby places:

Tractor Supply Brentwood, NH. Helmets, boots, basic riding gear at reasonable prices
Dover Saddlery Plaistow, NH. Greatest selection of English gear. No western. Bargain basement has deals.
Log Cabin Tack Hooksett, NH. English and western plus a large consignment area where you’ll find great deals. Don’t think you have to always buy new

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