Cloud is lucky to be the only boarder who gets to stay forever at North Road Farm. Her former owner had life changes that made owning Cloud difficult. Cloud loves living here with all the freedom she requires to run around and snort, whip her head and flag her tail. Being an Arabian Thoroughbred cross, Cloud is on the hot side for temperment and is particular about grooming although loves riding and has plenty of pep to go.

Cloud likes riding lessons in the ring, especially lunge line, beginners and walk-trot riders and beginning jumpers. She also goes nicely western and is good at barrel racing.

Graham & JaFar are her best friends and she likes to hang out with them and eat hay or graze. Boxer is always keeping an eye on Cloud to make sure she knows he’s boss.

  • Breed: Arabian crossed with Thoroughbred
  • Birthyear: 1986
  • Sex: mare
  • Height: 15.1 hands
  • Color: white with the longest mane and plume like tail
  • Favorite thing: drama queen
  • worse behavior: does not like to share hay