Rich and I bought the farm for Boxer in 1998. Boxer was demandng 24 hour 7 days per week turnout and wanted pasture grazing as much as possible. He spent his first year at North Road Farm as the only horse here and never seemed lonely. He liked being the (and still is) the top horse and rules the others with an iron tail and keen eye.

Mandy and Boxer cantering along the trail.

Boxer is wonderfully steady and predictable which makes him a favorite with all ages and skills. He stands quietly for grooming and dislikes having his girth tightened too much, too soon. Being well trained and a mind-reader, Boxer knows what you want even before you do! Teaching students the canter gait is one of Boxer’s greatest assets.

Pulling his new four wheel Knockabout Cart is one of Boxer’s great strengths. Young and old delight in a horse-drawn carriage ride with jinglebells to go.

  • Breed: Belgian draft crossed with Morgan
  • Birthyear: 1984
  • Sex: gelding
  • Height: 15.2 hands
  • Color: Light chestnut (similar to palomino color)
  • Favorite thing to do: pull my cart