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Rachel, Merry Legs and Maggie

Rachel, Merry Legs and Maggie


Imagine: Summer horseback riding camp days forever!  New forever horse friends!  Spend time with favorite ponies and horses.  Endless summer hands-on horse activities feeding, grooming, braiding, bathing, caring for cherished fuzzy friends.  New and returning campers yearn to ride on safe beginner bomb proof mounts.

Summer riding camp offers ride English, western, trail, jump, gymkhana and bareback.  Supervised lessons take place in the safety of arena or an adventure trail ride on scenic country roads, wide trails and lush forest.

New Overnight Bunkhouse Stay:  Sleepover night in the new North Road Farm Bunkhouse!  Bunkhouse has 3 bunk beds and sleeps 5 campers with one adult supervisor sleeping too.  Girls only.  Campers share the bunkhouse room.  Campers use the private toilet & sink.  Plus, campers use the private outdoor shower with plenty of hot water.    Overnight stay include breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Rate $50 per night.  To reserve click here.

Campers spend free time in hay loft, pretend horse shows in arena, 4-H topics such as horse colors & markings, breeds, nutrition, veterinary care, jobs & careers, social interaction, water activities, arts & crafts. Imagine riding horses with best friends outdoors all summer long at North Road Farm, Fremont NH

BOOK NOW!  Just 4 weeks of camp.  Reserve your days today.

Campers: girls & boys beginner to experienced youth 5+ years to teens.  No experience or horse ownership necessary, just a love of horses  with a desire to understand and befriend these gentle giants.  Limit is typically 6 campers per session.  All riding sessions have skilled adult professionals to ensure plenty of camper attention, learning and safety.

Program: Since 2004, the summer horse riding camp continues to grow and expand.  We’ll engage you in the barn, out in the arena, in the fields and on the trails with a hands-on head-over-heels having fun in the summer with horses days. Jan taps resources in the 4-H program, years instructing and competing, training in youth development and therapeutic riding.  Overall the environment is physical, entertaining, educational and safe for each youngster.

Every season, Jan invites experienced lesson students to be our camp counselors.  Jan also fills the staff with children-loving adults who also can handle horses and ponies to act as camper supervisors.

What about riding?  Full day campers ride twice am & pm.  Half day campers ride am only.   Campers choose English, western, bareback or try them all.  Typically one ride is in the arena to build skills and confidence.  The second ride is off the farm, out on local trails.  Lead walkers support beginners who are not yet independent.  Jan personally handles and trains her stable of trustworthy schoolmaster horses and ponies to ensure a reliable and predictable mount.

What to bring?t  Start the day shorts, jeans, jacket if cool.  Tee-shirt (no revealing tops, please) study shoes or muck boots for morning horse & barn care.  For riding, jeans, riding pants, paddock riding boots.  Wear your riding, bicycle helmet or use ours.   Bug spray, sun screen to keep campers happy, comfortable.  Change of clothing good wet weather or from a kid-friendly hose spray down.  Bathing suit & towel for slip ‘n slide if hot temps.  Camper brings snack & lunch.  Bottled water provided.

What will my day be like? We have a meet and greet at 8 am to make sure everyone knows the rules plus everyone’s names to feel at eaze.  Campers are matched with counselor to to burn that youthful energy horse thru horse and barn care.  “So this is what I have to do to have my own horse someday” kids quickly learn.  🙂

To start, with assistance, campers feed the horses and ponies breakfast.  Everyone delights watching horse behavior communication anticipating a meal of grain and hay.   Campers measure grain into each horse’s pail.  They learn what makes healthy nutrition for horse and self.  As water tanks fill, we talk about why water is important to horses’ health – and campers too.

Camper build strength and courage climbing up into the hay loft to drop hay to the grain room. Of course play in the hay loft is always fun!

With manure pitchforks in-hand, kids learn how to make the environment clean and healthy for the horses and ponies.  Horses’ stalls are cleaned just like keeping your bedroom tidy. Campers learn how manure composts back into organic matter to make grass grow green, beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables.  All that good exercise makes for a tired camper at day’s end.  Mid-morning  snack & break is high lite as campers talk eagerly with new friends sharing stories and anticipating horseback riding.

Horseback riding: Campers are paired with a suitable horse or pony to ride.  Kids switch up and try other horses or ponies for their next ride.  New beginners get a personal assistant to build confidence.   Youngster learn how to halter, lead, groom, tack-up equipment for a variety of in-hand and mounted experiences.  Lessons last 2 hours and are age appropriate skills and exercises to help campers learn good, safe horse skills for which parents will have peace-of-mind.

Lesson Focus:

    • Understand and chose correct bridle, saddle, girth, pad and clean-up when done
    • Showmanship: working in-hand unmounted
    • equine conformation: horse and pony anatomy
    • equitation: how to ride correctly
    • gymkhana games: barrel racing, poles bending, obstacle trail course
    • dressage, jumping
    • western, neck reining
    • lunging: exercising the horse from the ground
    • natural horsemanship: humane behavior, communication, training

Knowledge Focus:

    • group team work, problem solving, leadership
    • horse breeds, colors & markings
    • job and careers with horses
    • responsibilities of owning a horse
    • Barn, fencing, pasture management
    • grooming, braiding, bathing
    • feeding and nutrition
    • first aid and veterinary science/li>
    • natural horsemanship: humane behavior, communication, training

When can I go to Summer Riding Camp?

It’s a three day camp week! Kids are often tired after attending several camp days in a row.  Note: If your camper wants more days on the farm that week, additional lessons (not camp days) are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

BOOK NOW!  Only 12 days of camps with many returning campers.  Full and half days fill quickly.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only Full Day Rates
1 full day, 8 am-3 pm $150 Ride twice
2 full days, 8 am-3pm $300 Ride twice each day
3 full days, 8 am-3 pm $450 Ride twice each day
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only Half Day Rates
1 half day, 8 am-noon $75 Ride once am
2 half days, 8 am-noon $150 Ride once am, each half day
3 half days, 8 am-noon $300 Ride once am, each half day


Create camper nirvana for the entire summer by picking multiple days over the 7 available weeks.  Give it a try and receive best youngster behavior for the summer 🙂
Pick your dates, make a deposit to hold them and pay balance as you go.  No need to pay in full at time of bookings.

Example A. 1 full day camp over 4 weeks 1 full day camp Wednesdays 4 weeks = 4 full days camp 4 full camp days @ $150 = $600 total
Example B. 2 half days camp over 3 weeks 2 half days Tuesday and Thursday 3 weeks = 6 half days camp 6 half day camp days @ $75 = $450 total

BOOK NOW!  Limited to only 6 campers per session.  Full and half days fill quickly.

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