Horse Apprentice Volunteer

earn credits, save money
 Who? Students, 4-H members, special groups. Volunteer Release required.
 Why? Gain experience around horses. Reduce cost of riding. Improve health and fitness.
 What? Feed, hay, water horses; clean stalls, use pitch fork, broom, muck bucket. Work independently or group teamwork. Some interaction with horses. Learn to track your time and earn horse activities.
 When? Monday-Friday and Saturday mornings 8-10 am Sunday by appointment. Sign-up with Jan

1 hour work = 1 credit Plus cash Horse Activity
5 credits Plus $35 Private lesson
7 credits Plus $45 Private trail ride
17 credits Plus $100 Beach ride
10 credits Plus $100 4-H horse show
20 credits Plus $150 Horse event
2o credits Plus $225 5 camp ½ days
30 credits Plus $500 5 camp full days