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North Road Farm, horse riding school, Fremont NH

Horseback Instruction

Start Here!  The 2 Hour Introduction to Riding lesson will cover the fundamentals of horseback riding.  English, western, trail, beach, jump – learn and practice how to cue the horse or pony correctly with safe, humane, clear, direct cues.

The 1 Hour Riding Lesson puts you in the saddle a solid 45 minutes fully immersed with your horse or pony.  Plus additional 30 minutes time to groom and tack up your horse or pony

This Pre-Beach or Pre-Trail lesson will teach you how to correctly and clearly ask the horse to go the way you want, at the speed you like and slow down or halt when necessary – especially for the photo shoot or to avoid the “involuntary dismount” – falling off on a run-away horse!

Practic Rides are just your & your horse with no instructor or supervision . No practice rides off farm.  Minor must have an adult at farm for practice ride.

Take the worry and stress out of your ride and replace with calm and peace.  You own personal Assistant Handler is an on-the-ground person dedicated to  your success!

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