All the horses and ponies here are part of the riding school.  They are selected and trained to work with all levels of students from beginner child to adult.  Meet the horses and ponies will give you details about each equine.  We have no boarders, young horses, horses in training, being rehabilitated or problem horses.  🙂  The horses here are for one purpose only: to teach you how to ride English or western.  When you are here, your horse and instructor focus 100% on you with no distractions from other horses or activities.

Each of the horses and ponies have special skills to share with you in the riding ring and trails.  Many students child or adult benefit from having a dedicated Assistant or Instructor for the entire ride. This is catching, leading, grooming, selecting, using equipment and of course, riding the horse.  Others are Independant and can safely perform all the basic steps in handling and riding horses.

Children and adults move from Assisted to Independent over time and with practice.  Most kids under 8 years need assistance most all the time.  Certain adults like Assistance on the trail or beach.  The Assistant helps with each step on the ground and transitions to a lead or side walker for the mounted ride.

Talk to me about what you’d like to do or experience?  What are your horse dreams and goals?  What do you want to get out of this?  Are you concerned about something?  Why do you want to ride?  I’ll help you, a loved family member or friend connect with the fantasy of horses.

Not everyone has to ride.  Love the 200 year old barn.  Sit back and relax.  The observation deck is a fun place to watch the horses and view the pond. Relax in the heated tack and bath room. Wireless Internet available. Family and friends welcome.

Treats! Don’t forget to bring an apple, carrot or ginger snap to earn your horse’s attention. 🙂